Warriors Training Camp

 Creator: Drakus Dras Lyarra
 Level Range: 10-20
 Repop Message: Clashes of steel announce yet another lesson.



Warrior: One who lives for combat and the thrill of battle.

Warriors! You are cordially invited to become students of the Warrior's Training Camp (WTC). Registration is required. The camp offers classes in every type of weapon used by an accomplished warrior. Come hone your fighting skills. Instructors and sparring partners are available 24/7. Upon completion of all classes, you will be eligible to participate in a truly moving graduation ceremony. The Grandmaster wants YOU!!!

 Level Range           : 10 to 20
 Goal Difficulty       : Easy
 Goal Recommended at   : Level 10
 Goal Converter        : Dras 
 Area Author           : Lyarra (concept from Drakus)

Note: This area contains ascii art on all signs and some objects and extra descriptions. Visually impaired players may type 'look vitext' in the first room in the area for instructions on how to access text descriptions for all ascii art.



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