Umari's Castle

 Creator: Rayna
 Level Range: <195-201> (Lock: 175)
 Repop Message: <message>


High in the mountains sits a castle. It is here that the wizard Umari studies and works his magic. Oh, he has no need for company, for the griffons he so loves wander about his castle. Yet, he has found them far too wild to keep as pets. Thus, they either wander his castle freely or they are subjected to his strange experiments. Do you dare venture into the depths of the mad wizard's castle? While a half-griffon may find their origin, surely only folly awaits those who venture into the abode of such a mad, obsessed wizard...


 Level Range         : 201
 Goal Difficulty     : Difficult 
 Goal Recommended at : Level  200, T2 or higher
 Goal Min Level      : Level  200
 Goal Converter      : Lumina & Rayna  
 Area Author         : Rayna

Note: Unless extremely well prepared (or prepared to die), players must have a minimum of 45K hp to complete this goal.


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