Tumari's Diner

 Creator: Rhuli
 Level Range: 125 to 145 (Lock:100)
 Repop Message: You hear a *DING* from the kitchen as the next meal is ready to be served.


A new diner has opened up in the world of Andolor, Tumari's Diner! This large eatery has something for almost everyone. It features a huge dining area for any size family, a lounge for tired workers to grab a beverage after work, and a VIP area for those wishing to be separated from the general public.


Just one small problem though: Tumari needs help. With a rush of guests flooding the doors of the diner, her staff can barely handle the sudden surge of work required to make everybody happy. Would you like to become an employee at Tumari's Diner?

 Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
 Goal Recommended at : Level 135
 Goal Minimum        : Level 120



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