Tournament Camps

 Creator: Timeghost
 Level Range: 1-10
 Repop Message: The walls of the fortress tremble once more, scaring all inhabitants. 


An old warrior sulks in the corner, and, as if in reply to your questioning stare, he says: "Why aren't you at the preparation grounds? Haven't you heard of the coming tournament? Why, a messenger from the southern lands arrived just yesterday! They set up the preparation grounds. Where, you ask? I wish I was a little younger, my memory fails me once too often lately... He talked of a castle built on a small piece of land, surrounded by a river from all sides..."

He opens his mouth, but before he can say anything, he turns transparent, and disappears. If only you knew where he was taken, or why talks about the Tournament are prohibited...


The tournaments are becoming stale. The current champion has held the title of Tournament Champion for so long, most of the crowd cannot remember another. Unfortunately it would seem that he is unkillable, surviving and winning against great odds. There is a rumour of a sword that is said to possess the power to kill him, but it has been broken into 5 pieces and scattered around the lands, their locations unknown. If you wish to defeat the reigning champion, you need to discover the whereabouts of the broken pieces of the sword and have it remade. Are you worthy of songs of great deeds? Join the tournament and find out.

     Goal Difficulty:       2 - Medium
     Goal Recommended at:   Level 10
     Goal Converter:        Myrkul & Rumour


A fun little area created by an immortal. A great place to explore after the academy.


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