The Uprising

 Creator: Korridel & Guinness
 Level Range: 120 to 160 (Lock:100)
 Repop Message: The city still burns...


There is a city of dark elves that exists deep underground. For centuries, this city has been ruled by the female dark elves, and generally left alone by explorers, since dark elves are famous for their lack of kind treatment toward outsiders.

Recently, the male dark elves decided to take over the city from the females. Their allies, the cyclopses and the cerejellums, took many female dark elves prisoner, and the city now sits in a state of ruin.


The dark elf high priestess is looking for someone to help her rescue the other female dark elves from the cyclopses and cerejellums. Then, the female dark elves will need assistance in reasserting their power within the city. The goddess of the dark elves is always watching and will handsomely reward a strong adventurer who is successful in aiding her followers.

 Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
 Goal Recommended at : Level 160


As a warning, starting this goal makes completion of quests and campaigns within this area more difficult. Further to this, single class warriors and rangers will require assistance from other players if they need to complete certain quests or campaigns within this area while working on the goal (if they do not yet have access to their level 201 skills).


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