The Titans Keep

 Area Level Range    : 201 
 Area Lock           : 200
 Area Author         : Redryn & Koala


Faced with the growing threat of an impending demonic invasion through the rift in the Crystal Mountain, an unlikely old power has emerged once more: The Titans. An ancient race whose powers once rivaled the gods, they had disappeared without a trace during the Old Wars.

For reasons unknown they have now returned in force, establishing a Massive Keep at the peak of the Crystal Mountain. Rumor has it that they are amassing an army to march against the source of demons itself, and seal the threat forever.


Word from the underworld has it that skilled mercenaries are sought at the Keep, though there do not seem to be any reasons why the Titans would hire an ordinary adventurer. Vague promises of untold riches and raw power are whispered in the night like a siren's call, and some of the bravest have already begun their journey to seek its source.

Are you bold enough to venture into the domain of the Titans?

 Goal Difficulty     : Extremely difficult (Mini-epic)
 Goal Recommended at : 201 Maxxed
 Goal Converter      : Redryn & Koala

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