The Three Pillars Of Diatz

 Level Range         : 60 to 80 (Lock 25)
 Area Authors        : Dirtworm
 Repop Message       : The shadow of The Three Pillars rolls over the courtyard.



Nestled on a plateau in the grassy plains of Mesolar, the magical Pillars of Diatz were once home to a thriving populace. But over the years something dark crept into the heart of their once-kind Lord Diatz, and now the citizenry lives in constant fear. His looming shadow stretches long and dark over their misery, for none have had the courage or fortitude to dare and face his terrible might.

 Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
 Goal Recommended at : Level 80
 Goal Converter      : Paramore


The 3 Pillars: Stone, Glass, and Marble. Area added Nov. 9th, 2002.


Runto Diatz

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