The Stuff Of Shadows

 Creator: Daimbert
 Level Range: 110-130
 Repop Message: Shadows ripple and descend to conceal the latest scheme of a secretive society. 


When death looms large; and light grows dim; when the chill air steals the last breaths from your lungs; and eternal night closes in -- a shadow of death flickers into being. It is slight and fleeting, its stuff as insubstantial as shadows of light and dark, and soon it drifts apart like curls of smoke. And yet. There are rumors, as shifting and subtle as the shadows themselves, that there are those who can see and catch shadows of death, and collect, cut, and shape them. If so, their arcane techniques are closely guarded. Nobody knows who they are, or where they come from, or what they do with the shadows they catch. They are steeped in secrecy so deep it has become a virulent contagion: plots writhe within plots, layers of concealment accrete upon layers. The twisted thread of rumor connects these deathly shadow masters with a prosperous bank in a major city. And as far as a name, there is only the "Umbrambuler" -- one who walks in shadow.


 Scheme to advance a shadowy plot! (Designers: Daimbert and Lumina)

             Level range         : 110 - 130
             Goal difficulty     : Difficult
             Goal Recommended at : Level 130



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