The Shadows Of Minos

 Creator: Aardwolf Community
 Level Range: 5-35
 Repop Message: Cries echo across the land as the Damned arise to relive their horror. 


Long ago, the land of Minos was spoken of with awe and respect with just a touch of fear. The peoples of the world knew the Minotaurs as a proud, cunning, and aloof race, and few were there who could enter the lands of the Bull people as free men. The people of Minos were traders, sailing Aphasia and later the other oceans with an expert seamanship envied by many. They were warriors of great renown, often fighting in the arena at Reme just for the sport. None of this could last. Inevitably war came to Mesolar, and the Minotaurs, being a warrior race, and proud of their abilities, were not to be left out.

They eagerly joined with the Trolls and Ogres who lived in the nearby Greenwart swamp. At first the Minoan forces raided up and down the eastern coast of Mesolar, but soon, several of the warriors grew restless for true battle, so the Minoan ships dropped the Minotaur soldiers in their homeland and sailed around the southern tip of Mesolar as a diversion. Those soldiers left back on MInos marched across to the main continent of Mesolar and prepared to assault the Elves living in Silverwind.

For a time, battles raged across the land, culminating in a large, decisive engagement west of the Silverwind forest. Aylor and her allies were victorious, but both sides had taken heavy losses. The minotaurs retreated back to their homeland to regroup and plan for a counterattack. Everyone, including the Minoans figured that the war was over, and the current king of the Minotaurs, Asterion wanted to plan for revenge. He wasn't to have his chance, however. The Remans called a council of war and since they had the most numbers left after the war, they proposed to lead a punitive force to Minos. The Remans had long been jealous of the wealth of the Minotaurs, and they hated the Minoans above all other races. It is no wonder since so many of the Reman's most favorite gladiators had fallen in the arena against Minotaur berserkers.

There were several willing to join with the Remans on this surprise attack on Minos. The Elves living in Silverwind were not eager to wait and see if the Minotaurs would return to burn their homeland, and the Aylorian forces had not yet made it back to their new city. The emperor of Reme put one of his best generals in charge of the expedition, and a few Silverwind Elves and Aylorian knights joined the legions on the march to Minos. It isn't known what happened in that now cursed land. Most of what is known has come out of the land with screaming men who had once been treasure seekers. There was a large battle over the entire land of Minos, and it is rumored that the land itself rose up in a curse against all who were involved, for vengeance and hatred ruled that day. The forces of light spared noone, even children were slaughtered by the Remans and their allies.

Not one of the soldiers sent into Minos ever returned, and no Minotaurs alive today will speak of Minos, not outside their own circle of friends and family anyways. Still, men and women go into the land chasing the rumor of Asterion's great treasure. Historians go to seek the truth of the end of Minos, and adventurers go because they're adventurers, and because they're fool hearty, or so some in taverns say when they speak of the matter.


An impetuous young member of the Aylorian Guild of Cartographers has disappeared. Her closest friends from the Guild believe, from remarks made before her disappearance, that she may have embarked to the cursed land of the Minotaurs; foolishly, without escort. They are looking for a fearless warrior to brave the forsaken, haunted battlefield that is Minos and rescue their lost friend.

 Difficulty       :  Medium              
 Recommended Level:  30
 Goal Converter   :  Paramore



Runto Minos

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