The Ruins Of Stormhaven

 Creator: Domain
 Level Range: 150-201
 Repop Message: The undead rise again.



Stormhaven was once a prosperous town. Ruled entirely by the mage's guild, there was no control of them. To have a child who was a mage was considered the greatest blessing one could have. Trisaldi and Keln were blessed with three such children. As the children grew, their power was evident. However, each was very different from the other. The youngest, Krichel, loved helping others and learned many healing spells along with potent combat spells. He desired to protect everyone. Ozwalt, the middle child, often hid in the background. Trouble always circled around him, but rarely was connected to him as he pulled the strings from the shadows. Sakelth, the eldest, delighted in torturing animals just to see what he could do. He was constantly in trouble with his parents and teachers. The teachers privately told each other that he didn't have a single decent bone in his body. The brothers fought often, and their fights were terrible.

The three brothers became full mages on the same day, and they were inducted into the guild. Soon after, people went missing. It started with beggars and urchins, and then began moving up the social ladder. Then Sakelth led an army of the undead against the city, destroying the city and reducing it to ruins. Krichel gathered as many of the living as he could and retreated to the castle. He cast powerful spells of protection and warding to protect his people. Ozwalt retreated to the south, and brought forth his army of shadow creatures. He sent them to do battle with his brother's forces, while he prepared for attack. Sakelth continued to try to consolidate his power, using his undead to create a castle. Each is unable to gain an advantage over the other so they continue to search the ruins for magic artifacts to use to gain that advantage. Will you be the advantage they can use?

 Level range         : 150-201
 Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
 Goal recommended at : 200
 Goal Converter      : Domain
 Area Author         : Domain

Note: This area replaces Arboria.



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