The Realm Of The Hawklords

 Creator: Domain
 Level Range: 80-100
 Repop Message: A shadow flies by overhead.



As you hike through the Five Finger Mountain range, you stumble across a set of heavy stone gates. Above you looms a huge shadow, but no clouds. Guarding the gates, which grant access to the realm above, are a pair of gateguards. They appear to be members of the legendary race, the Hawklords! It is said this reclusive race withdrew long ago to a remote location, out of distaste for interaction with any other race. But like all races, they have their own internal feuds and sometimes, even the help of an outlander is welcome.

 Level Range         : 80 to 100
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : Level 90
 Goal Min Level      : Level 90
 Goal Converter      : Domain
 Area Author         : Domain



Runto Hawklords

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