The Realm Of Chaos

As you step through the door to Melancholy's Maps to buy the brand new map you heard about, a bookcase you had never seen before on the eastern part of the wall JUMPS OUT at you!!

The bookcase shimmers and turns translucent, revealing a small hidden entryway with a passage behind it. Upon crossing the threshold, you see thousands of mystic runes lining the ancient stones and they slowly begin to glow with every color of the rainbow. As you watch, they begin to pulsate brightly and you sense the power of the arcane arts permeating the air around you. As the hairs on your neck begin to rise, the room twists and begins a Chaotic transformation. The walls stretch away from your hands as you attempt to reach out and grab onto anything that might possibly ease your feelings of disorientation. The stones beneath your feet begin to fall away one by one into a black chasm and suddenly you are left floating within an empty void. Your eyes turn upward and the heavens themselves expand above you. The Three Moons travel freely in the expanse that has formed around you. Stars flare brightly amidst the blackness while others seem to fade quietly away. Your ears hear only the wild beating of your heart in the silence around you while a booming voice like the rumble of thunder speaks out to your mind and says "Magic forms the core of the universe."