The Palace Of Song

 Creator: Dreamfyre
 Level Range: <60-80>
 Repop Message: Somewhere deep within, a conductor's baton rises and falls.



In an ancient grove in Mesolar, a set of ruins exists. Explorers who have accidentally stumbled across these ruins claim that if one is perfectly still and silent, the faint traces of trained voices, grand orchestrations, and even applause can be heard echoing through the area.

Odder yet, a few passersby have seen men, women, dwarves, eldar, and other creatures enter this grove in full evening wear, sometimes even with children in tow. These observers have sworn that one minute you see these individuals, and the next they are gone.

These stories coincide with unearthed scrolls which tell stories of a Palace of Song, severed from land and time for the pure purpose of the enjoyment of song. These stories tell of the ruler of the Palace, a mirthful and elegant Queen who welcomes all who can join their song in harmony with the resonant melody of the ages.

 Level Range         : 60 to 85
 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal Recommended at : Level 75
 Goal Converter      : Dreamfyre 
 Area Author         : Dreamfyre


This area was added on Apr 8, 2011.


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