The Nyne Woods

 Creator: Madrox, Rapscallia
 Level: 200-201 (Lock: 175)
 Repop Message: Victory slips a little farther away with each moment you waste.



The island prison of The Nyne Woods has only been opened briefly, yet the rumors are circulating about its inhabitants. They say the most heinous of criminals have been magically sealed here ever since the escape of the vile Damian. Now a mysterious man has appeared again and The Thieves Guild has regrouped. This is the final showdown. Will you be able to reunite the Cult of Dark Lotus? Will you be able to regrow the sacred Dark Lotus? Will you be able to put an end to Damian once and for all?

             Level Range         : 200 to 201
             Goal Difficulty     : Very Hard
             Goal Recommended at : 201
             Goal Converter      : Madrox/Myrkul
             Area Author         : Madrox/Rapscallia

Note: This goal cannot be opened until after you have completed the goals for Den Of Thieves and The Killing Fields.



Runto nyne

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