The Misty Shores Of Yarr

 Level Range         : 115 to 135
 Goal Difficulty     : Very Hard
 Goal Recommended at : 135
 Goal Converter      : Domain
 Area Author         : Jardin


There are whispers in darkened corners of taverns all around Aardwolf. From the Dragon Sea to the Western Ocean ships have been disappearing, leaving no trace of the cargo or passengers they were carrying. The kingdoms of Aardwolf claim there is no cause for alarm, but those who frequent the docks think otherwise. Warships laden with cannons have set sail from all the major ports. None of them have been seen returning either. The trade companies have tripled their prices to afford the heavily armed mercenaries they've hired to protect their cargo. Those who live by the sea now shutter their windows even on warm, calm evenings and none but the most brave and foolhardy sail the seas these days. There is one word common to all the tongues that whisper in those darkened corners...Pirates.


The smuggler has bet that Captain Mad Jack will find the idol before Captain Blackbeard. Find the idol and get it to Captain Mad Jack so that the smuggler wins his bet.



Runto Yarr

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