The Land Of The Beer Goblins

 Creator: Artemis
 Level Range: 1-20
 Repop Message: Ah, More BEER! 


Who knew there would be politics running amok in a land where the beer flows so freely? Those goblins are mean about giving up the beer but I hear if you know a friend or two in politics, the liquor flows freely.


 Help seal the fate of Brewington's Elect. (Designer: Rab)

Lying. Adultery. Alcoholism. These are considered the key traits of any politician in this day and age. Though all it takes is crossing the wrong person and one's political career can be cut very, very short. Help aid those who thirst for the blood of Brewington's Mayor Laporta and the title of "Beer Drinking Champion" and a lifetime's supply of beer could be yours.

             Level Range         : 1 to 20
             Goal Difficulty     : Easy
             Goal recommended at : Level 18 


An older area, created September 1997, this area has been recently updated with a goal.


Runto Beer

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