The Great Salt Flats

 Creator: Claire
 Level Range: 40-50 (Lock: 15)
 Repop Message: The soulful cry of the coyote pierces the silence. 



Talk to anyone, and their opinion is always the same: The Great Salt Flats is a region of the world best to be simply avoided. Apparently, the snakes there are especially large, with exceptionally humungous fangs. In addition to this, mystifying objects are said to randomly fall from the sky and end the lives of unsuspecting travelers.

Curiously enough, however, the strangest part about this arid region of Andolor, is the tale of one lonely ghost who inhabits it. It seems that he was once a prospector, who lost his life there while exploring for gold. What is intriguing, is the fact that he continues to haunt these Great Salt Flats. Definitely a mystery worth looking into, in spite of the snakes.

The snakes are probably just a tall tale anyway. And the strange items falling from the sky .... hallucinations brought on by excessive thirst. It will definitely be a good idea to remember to bring several mega-canteens of water. A hat and some sunscreen, would also be a capital idea. Then it will just be a matter of putting those super-novice paranormal investigator skills to good use.

 Level Range         : 40 to 50
 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal Recommended at : 45
 Goal Converter      : Guinness
 Area Author         : Claire


Area added December 4th, 1998


Runto Salt

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