The Gathering Horde

 Creator: Paramore & Sagen
 Level Range: 140-170 (Lock: 110)
 Repop Message: The sense of impending doom reaches up and chokes you: The Horde gathers.


Outside the ogre village of Dak'Tai lies an encampment of the Black Horde. Its general, Achemartla, has been having difficulty keeping the bloodthirsty troops satisfied while they idle in the camp. Though a select few get to leave and search the mines, the rest grow bored and listless. He fears mutiny and is reaching the end of his patience. Perhaps there is something to gain by temporarily 'turning coat' and helping him out. It might get you one step closer to Sarcoph.


 Aid Achemartla with the Horde outside Dak'Tai.

 Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
 Goal Recommended at : Level 170
 Goal Max Level      : Level 170
 Goal Converter      : Paramore & Sagen
 Area Author         : Paramore & Sagen

Make friendly with the unhappy troops in the Black Horde's camp and put Achemartla at ease.

Notes: This goal is not for the faint of heart: Several remorts are recommended.


Area is currently marked 'ready for live' on test port.


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