The Fire Swamp

 Creator: Tsubaki
 Level Range: 5-15
 Repop Message: The flames rise higher as the swamp renews life.


Through a deadly valley pass between two cliffs lies the even deadlier Fire Swamp. The swamp itself is home to amazing creatures as well as many perils. How the swamp got its name is not so surprising, but the everlasting war between the fire and water of the swamp continues on. Currently, the river holds sway over the land, but the fire lizards that call this place home want to turn it over to their namesake.

Area added January 18, 2009


 ??? (Designer: Tsubaki)

If you wish to help the fire lizards, seek out the will-o'-the-wisp.

             Level Range         : 5 to 15
             Goal Difficulty     : Medium
             Goal recommended at : 15

Remember to check 'tasks here' often to see if you have unlocked any hints.

Should you wish to take a break from this goal, the fire lizards are patient and willing to wait. Keep in mind they are not the only ones desiring your aid.


You can find the Fire Swamp off the grassy fields of Lake Sen'narre.


Runto Fire

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