The Cracks Of Terra

 Creator: Redryn
 Level 200-201 (Lock: 200)
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One otherwise uneventful night, a deafening crack resounded across the land, and the earth itself shuddered. The next day, wild rumors started spreading, of an undersea mountain surfacing. It was an unnatural, crystalline mountain, brilliant as the morning sun. It was also, a mountain split asunder. An enormous crack runs along its side, and leads into its depths. Speculation as to what may lie within has gone rife.

At the back of taverns, and the quiet alleyways, old story has resurfaced. A myth, of an ancient struggle between the Elder Gods and Demon Lords, when Andolor first formed. It speaks of an attempt by the Demons to invade this plane. The Demon King created a cataclysmic rift through which wild hordes of demons poured forth. The Elder Gods moved swiftly however, responding in force. However, the magics in the rift were too different, and powerful. The Gods knew not how to undo it. After much deliberation, it was decided that the portal would be sealed beneath a mountain, and the God Terra would bide there, holding any new forays at bay.

Few took the story seriously, but some remember the great Cataclysm, when the Demon Lord Valkur came forth with his army. It took the combined armies of Men to weaken him, and banish his physical manifestation. The heroes were lauded for their courage and bravery, and the land rejoiced. Yet the doomsayers whispered, in the back of taverns and inn: "It took our combined powers and efforts to weaken him. But what if Valkur was but a scout?"

Sceptical adventurers are already heading towards the mountain to plunder it for rare minerals from the sea, ignoring the warnings. Will you do likewise?


Aeons ago, when Andolor first formed, demons came to conquer the land. A great rift was formed between the demon plane and this world, from which hordes of demons came forth. The Elder Gods moved quickly though, and after a long struggle finally managed to repel their forces. The Gods were however unable to understand the magics in the rift. Powerless to close it, they sealed it beneath a mountain instead.

Academics have pieced together this old, largely forgotten story from fragments told by old storytellers. They suspect a link with a crystal mountain that has strangely emerged from the sea. A mountain rent in two by a massive crack. Rumours are spreading that the demons have decided to try once again, and a call has been put out for heroes to brave its depths.

But who would dare face a Demon army?

 Minimum Level       : 200
 Level range         : 201
 Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
 Goal recommended at : 201 Pupped
 Goal Converter      : Redryn
 Area Author         : Redryn

Note: There is a limit on the number of players that can attempt the goal at any one time, based on tiers.



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