The Chasm And The Catacombs

 Creator: Aardwolf Community
 Level Range: 10-20
 Repop Message: The chasm sighs and the catacombs crumble, zombies arise and begin to stumble.


In the days when the dwarves were much more numerous and powerful, and their kingdoms overflowed with treasure, they pushed deeply into the golden veins and purple fissures of Andolar, extrapolating quaint caves into vast catacombs. Abandoned remnants of such extravagances of excavation remain.

One network of crumbling catacombs is even said to almost empty out into an infamous and unfathomable cavern gaping from the icy rock of Gelidus. It is even said that the encounter with this mysterious abyss initiated the inevitable of decline for the dwarves.

Area added Feb 9, 2008.


There is no goal currently available for this area.



Runto Chasm

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