The Blighted Tundra Of Andarin

 Creator: Domain
 Level Range: 35-60
 Repop Message: A breath of frozen air chills you to the bones.


The Plains of Andarin were once the most fertile and lush plains in the lands. Renowned for stunning vistas and beautiful flowers, the main feature of the landscape was a huge tree known simply as the Tree of Sodrus. The tree was so tall that it reached up to heaven, and that if you could climb to the top you could speak with the gods. People used to travel far and wide to visit this spiritual tree. Not only was the Plains a spiritual center but a magical center as well as it was the meeting place of several vertexes of power. As such mages travelled to practice their magics in this place of power. But then came a terrible winter which ravaged the countryside.


Generations passed, and the winter that came to these land years ago remains - enduring and unending. What once was beautiful fields of lush green grass, are now dead fields of snow and ice. This eternal winter is killing the people of the plains. The Chieftain believes he has discovered the source of the eternal winter. Will you help him?

 Level Range         : 35 to 60
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : Level 40
 Goal Converter      : Domain
 Area Author         : Domain


This area replaced the Pirate Ship on 24th Aug 2010.


Runto Blighted

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