The Adventurers Guild


 The Academy (Level 1 - 201) (Creator: Lasher)


This area was designed to help new players get a feel for the commands and idea behind the game. It is highly recommended to complete the academy so you can become familiar with quests, goals, and area solving. As you learn through our teachers, you will have small quizzes and tests. These are designed to test for understanding as well as offer rewards for completion of each segment.

Your goal when visiting this area as a newbie should be to graduate. Once completing graduation, you recieve a medal that is in a unique wear position and has a few stats on it, as well as a portal that is owned uniquely to you and allows you to come back to academy without using any move points. While going through the academy, you will pick up all sorts of useful gear and money!

Finally, regarding new players, you can find further information by typing "help newhelp" or by reading your guide which your character has to start with. Read page1, read page2...etc. If you lose your guide, you can purchase another at the map shop, or type "outfit" if you are below level six. Good Luck Adventurer.