Thandeld's Conflict

 Creator: Rhuli
 Level Range: 20-50
 Repop Message: Thandeld yells 'Bring in the reinforcements!'


A brave rock climber has recently discovered a new realm not far from the Jungles of Verume. Surprised he was the first to visit the new land, he decided to explore as much as he could. That was a big mistake. After discovering two separate villages, one of vampires and the other lizardmen, he found a house made of glass! This would be the last time the poor adventurer saw the light of day. He's now a slave of Thandeld, forever.


 Become Thandeld's newest slave.

Thandeld is looking for brave souls to become a slave and complete a few tasks he appears too lazy to do. Some tasks are simple, while others are dangerous and will require some quick thinking. Those brave enough to complete all his tasks receive a special prize obtainable nowhere else in Andolor!

              Level Range                       : 20 - 50
              Goal Difficulty                   : Medium
              Recommended Goal Level            : 40
              Goal Author                       : Rhuli


This area replaced The Mirror Realm on Mar 10, 2013.


Runto Conflict

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