Storm Mountain

Area Author : Moonbender
Goal Converter : Radrat
Level Range : 10 - 35
Repop Message: Another avalanche rolls down Storm Mountain


Storm Mountain was known throughout the realm for its beauty and as one of the most challenging mountains to climb. Many of the best climbers from around Andolor have tried to summit the mountain but without success. Many have died trying, and some have ever been heard from or seen again! Those who have managed to return have tales of storms that just seem to appear out of nowhere, many swear they have seen something in the middle of these storms.

Unbeknownst to most, the mountain was inhabited by the Storm Keepers, who for many years had the power of creating storms bestowed on them, to protect the mountain. A few thousand years ago the Phantom Thieves led by their leader, Loki or Loqui, attacked the Storm Keepers killing them all.

The Hurricane Goddess arrived too late to save the Storm Keepers, but banished the Phantom Thieves to the caves under Storms Mountain. The Hurricane Goddess created a clan of Snow People to protect those who visit Storm mountain. BUT BEWARE! Evil still lurks in the shadows, just look what happened to the Snowboy!


The goal is to piece the Snowboy back together.

Level Range : 10 - 35
Goal Difficulty : Easy
Goal Recommended at : Level 25


runto storm or run 2s8e5ne13ne19n6e from Aylor

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