Siren's Oasis Resort

 Creator: Nikkei & Nasdaq
 Level Range: 5-15
 Repop Message: More people are swarming in to view the beauty pageant! 


You must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today. The whole town is babbling news of the Aardwolf Beauty Pageant, and you have absolutely no clue about it. That alluring elfin neighbour is even grumbling about not being selected in the preliminary round! Following the colossal mob led you toward the paradise. While the entrance guard's voice is still reverberating in your bedazzled mind, a sign manages to avert your attention.

Area Guide

North --> Grand Hall with Beauty Pageant

West --> Beachway Hotel and Golden Sands

NOTE: The beach is a very dangerous place during this time of the year. Be prepared to fight for a place.

East --> Exit

Area added August 15, 2006.


 Uncovering the kidnapping plot. (Designer: Nikkei)

Your eyes do not deceive you. Beauties of all races wearing the sheerest swim wear are strutting their stuff before you. Your eyes may wander, but we hope your wits have not left your side, as something about Siren's Oasis Resort is amiss. When the favorite goes missing, tongues start wagging.

Your assistance is needed to solve the mystery, and you will be duly rewarded. Perhaps a night of passion is in store?

          Level Range               : 5 to 15
          Goal Difficulty           : Difficult.
          Goal recommended at       : Level 15.

Note: Do not head towards the beach unless you are prepared to fight for a place.


Entering the trishaw to get to the beach is dangerous for new players. Ladies in bikini's are NOT nice.


Runto Siren

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