Shoaram Castle In The Sand

 Creator: Aardwolf Community
 Level Range: 10-30
 Repop Message: Whirlwinds of sand etch new intricacies into an everchanging landscape.



Sho'aram was once a thriving kingdom, in the peak of prosperity. Surrounded by fertile farmlands, and fortuitously located near a common trade route, it was a popular spot for merchants to stop and exchange goods with the locals who were famous for their crafts that had a hint of magic in them. Tiny dancing dolls that pranced in rhythm with whatever tune was played, tapestries with scenes that changed depending upon the time of day, and mirrors that showed the faces of children not yet born were but a small sampling of the fanciful creations of the Sho'aramian people.

Tragically, all that was, is now gone, buried by a raging sandstorm that cycles maliciously, and with demonic purpose, through the land on a nearly daily basis and with each passing day, the mystery deepens. Where is the palace and what happened to its occupants? Are they dead and lost forever? What evil purpose is behind the disappearance of Sho'aram?

 Level Range         : 10 to 30
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : Level 20
 Goal Converter      : Lumina
 Area Author         : Aardwolf Community

Replaces High Tower of Sorcery.



Runto Sandcastle

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