Sen'narre Lake

 Creator: Tsubaki
 Level Range: 1-20
 Repop Message: Water ripples on the surface of the lake. 


The sun shines brightly in the blue skies over Sen'narre Lake. Birds chirp and the insects buzz around over the water. The water is a clear blue; the ripples indicating the presence of life beneath the surface. Along the edge of the lake is a worn path that crosses several roads. Underwater, however, is a society all its own.


 Learn more about Sen'narre Lake. (Designer: Tsubaki)

The tritons of Sen'narre Lake are an old race. They understand the waters like no one else. There is much to learn from them, and the elder is happy to talk to visitors. In your quest for knowledge, you can put his teachings to use as you explore the rest of the lake and surrounding land. But do not neglect the other water-dwellers, for the simplest of creatures may sometimes reveal ancient secrets, even without the aid of speech.

             Level Range         : 1 to 20
             Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
             Goal recommended at : Level 15


I hear the shopkeeper has a way of making reeds into flutes that have brilliant sound! Talk to one of them if you need one.


Runto Sennarre

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