Rosewood Castle

 Creator : Raymn
 Edited by : Citron
 Level Range : 60 - 150 (Locked at 25)
 Repop Message : Sunlight pours through the stained glass of Rosewood Castle.



Rosewood Castle lies perched in the mountains of Dawn, a stronghold long held by the Knights Templar. Lately, however, the peace of the Castle has been disturbed by vicious rumors and innuendo, and a purge has been called for. Now Templars sweep through the Castle, by night and day, and round up everyone suspected of supporting the Papal throne.

In the town, an old man who used to lead the Knights Templar has grown concerned about the recent purges, and is looking for a strong hero who can seek out the nest of corruption and destroy it forever. If you think you are the one he's looking for, go and give him a good listen.

             Level Range        : 60 to 150
             Goal Difficulty    : Medium
             Goal Recommended at: Level 150


Area added July 19, 2008.


Runto Rosewood

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