Rebellion Of The Nix

Rebellion of the Nix (Level 150-190) (Lock 120)


The Nixie, spirits of the water, forever jealous of land-dwellers, have for generations summoned men, women and children to their deaths by drowning. Now, random attacks on ships and beachcombers are not enough. A rebellious group of Nix have declared war upon the land, seeking to submerge and drown entire cities. The beleaguered city of Rhodus is the last bastion of hope for the Molyneuxans. They alone understand the power of the Wyverns, and how to awaken them to do battle against the Nixie and their music-driven devilment. An old adventurer, known to frequent the Chequered Owl, has plenty of tales to tell, having lately escaped the Nixie invasion, barely with his life.


Goal Difficulty:Medium
Goal recommended at:Level 190
Goal Author:Lumina (original by Jernau)


This area is the replacement for The Onslaught of Chaos.


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