Realm of the Zodiac

 Creator: Aardwolf Community
 Level Range: 20-30
 Repop Message: The sky, ever-turning, aligns the Zodiac to illuminate your path. 


Rumors abound of a field of jewels far to the South of Abend. Apparently, a mysterious monolith has recently sprung up from the ocean. (Perhaps it was even heaved down from the heavens!) Inhabiting this field are a multitude of ghostly beings, hell-bent on protecting the jewels, along with the secrets hidden therein. Go, if you dare, but bring your star charts with you. You never know when they may come in handy. :)

Area added Mar 6, 2008.


This area has a goal available.


This area contains several portals to different parts of the area. Make sure you read 'help portals'.


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