Creator: Xoe
 Level Range: 40-60
 Repop Message: A monsoon breaks over Raganatittu. 


One night, while relaxing and drinking at the Grubby Inn, you overhear a couple strangers talking about a new land one of them recently discovered. "It's true I tell ya!" says one weather beaten dwarf. "All this here rain opened up a new channel on that waterway. I guided my canoe through all the brush and other trash, when it cleared up, and I saw the tallest trees I ever seen!" He pauses to take a long pull from his ale. Setting the tankard back on the table, he wipes the foam from his thick, braided beard and continues his tale. "Them women there were beautiful and food is just everywhere, lyin' about free for the takin'. All them wearing gold bracelets and such, so I'm thinkin' there might be a mine there somewhere. The locals call it some heathen gibberish name. Ya gotta come with me this next time."

His companion stares off at the wall, contemplating the risks versus the rewards of such a journey. Pursing his lips, he makes a few swift calculations on the table, then nods to the dwarf.

"All right, I'll do it. Anything else I should know?"

The dwarf shudders and nods. "Yep, sure do. There be snakes there."


The villagers of Raganatittu have prayed to their gods for help; help against disease, and help against the dangerous creatures that compete for their niche in the jungle between the Raganatittu River and the mountain ranges to the east. It appears that their prayers may be answered. Ganesha, the elephant god has arrived in the village. Will help arrive from an unlikely quarter?

 Level Range         : 40 to 60
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal recommended at : 40
 Goal designers      : Scars and Lumina



Runto Raga

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