Radiance Woods

 Creator: Shaelynne
 Level Range: 201-201
 Repop Message: A soft breeze rustles through the trees and the woods are revitalized once more.


During low tide, the dense trees of Blake Forest give way to a relatively
unknown place called Radiance Woods. The magic once sealing off the woods
from outsiders has been lifted. The wood nymphs and faeries that live here
are welcoming. The timing, however, is not a coincidence: the shadows have
corrupted the woods and they are desperate to save their home.


Years ago, life in the woods was vastly different. The village thrived and
families loved to visit the forest. Travelers from near and far came to
view the manor and participate in annual festivities that took place as
spring turned into summer. It has been just over a century since a
stranger found their way into the woods. Over time, fact turned into
fiction, and the faeries and wood nymphs of Radiance Woods became nothing
more than a fable to enjoy before bedtime.

As more shadow faeries take up residence, the corruption spreads and
diseases those within. Radiant faeries are falling sick and turning
towards the shadows. The trees are beginning to perish, animals are
acting bizarre, and the protection spell that keeps out the darkness is
succumbing to the corruption. In an effort to reclaim their home, the
nymphs have removed the magic isolating the woods to outsiders and have
sent word they need assistance. Queen Aevintyri can not save the woods
without help from an outsider.
Will you be the one to stop the shadows? If you consider yourself
intelligent, brave, and loyal, seek out the lovely witch, Luama.

Level Range : 200-201
Goal Difficulty : Medium
Goal Recommended at : Level 200
Goal Converter : Shaelynne
Area Author : Shaelynne

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