Ookushka Garrison

 Creator: Rhuli
 Level Range: 201-201 (Lock: 160)
 Repop Message: You hear a loud horn as more tribe members are recruited.



 Long ago, when the Tairayden tribe first attacked innocent beach goers, one
 person decided to try to take action against them, hunt them down and get
 revenge for their horrible actions and crimes against humanity.  Since then,
 she was able to locate the origins of the tribe where she gathered much
 needed information to assist in tracking down the current location of the
 tribe.  Now, using that information, Cedyca found the tribe's hideout, known
 as the Ookushka Garrison.  She stands at the ready near the entrance of the
 garrison, ready to recruit followers into her rebellion clan.

 Are you brave enough to face off against the tribe, at the same time
 increasing your reputation with the rebellion clan?  If so, seek out Cedyca
 and let her know of your interest in joining the effort.  Be warned, though,
 this will be no easy task.

 Level Range         : 201 to 201
 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal Recommended at : Level 201
 Goal Author         : Rhuli
 Area Author         : Rhuli



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