Nottingham (Level 190-201) (Lock 180) (Creator: Zendalonii)



Robin Hood and his Merry Band of Outlaws aren't quite so merry. Maid Marion has been captured by the Sheriff and is languishing in his dungeon. Try as they may, they have been unable to get her released or rescued. Things look bleak indeed.

...Unless there is a brave soul who might like to help? Defeat the Sheriff, rescue the damsel- all those things that sound like an old legend. Might you be the one to do this? Chances are there will be a reward...unless you're one of those rich folks that oppress the needy!

Nottingham, where things are as simple as they seem. Or maybe not.

             Area Level Range    : 190 to 201
             Goal Difficulty     : Medium
             Goal Recommended at : 190
             Goal Minimum Level  : 190
             Goal Maximum Level  : 201

Area added March 3, 2002.



Runto Nottingham

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