Necromancers' Guild

 Creators: Timeghost & Gimlei
 Level Range: 15-30
 Repop Message: Ancient evil surrounds you through the midday heat and leaves a cold print on your soul. 


The hot touch of the eastern wind caressed the cheek of the traveler, riding through the vastness of the kingdom. The battered and lonely road suggested there weren't many of those eager to visit the region - poverty, illnesses and crime were the main inhabitants of those godforsaken lands.

Suddenly, the wind brought up to him a distinct odor of rot. The smell was so striking, that even the horse beneath the traveler snorted, and started trotting tentatively. The man commanded the animal to stop, and looked round. The only place the smell could be coming from, was the village, whose houses could be seen far off the road.

He did not even have time to get off the horse, when the wind blew fiercely again. After the wave, the odor was gone. Gone, completely. Puzzled, our hero made tracks for the village. Empty houses, deserted streets, weedy backyards - everything was only adding up to his surprise.

Standing on the crossroads, wondering if he really should avoid the graveyard of the village, that could be seen not far off, all at once he heard someone running, and turned around to see the village elder swinging his shovel around.

The only human being alive in the village, he was not much of a help explaining what has happened - the poor man had gone mad quite a while ago. Nevertheless, he laughed diabolically, and then whispered to the adventurer's ear, that...

In fact, we shall never know what was spoken that day in the village, for the traveler was never seen again. Many have claimed to have their friends disappear in the mysterious village, even more have felt the touch of the rotten air, but nobody has yet returned to tell, what evil is hiding out there.

Will you dare to follow the perished, to expose yourself to a challenge of evil and death, to reveal the hidden and uncover the concealed? Then try your luck at the Necromancer's Guild, and let your path be adventurous!


Trouble is brewing in this tiny village. Ravaged and picked over by an evil
group of necromancers, the village has been left mostly abandoned. Visit the
village elder and see if you can somehow right the wrongs and avenge the lost
souls that were tortured in the name of The Necromancers' Guild.

 Level Range         : 15 to 30
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : Level 30
 Goal Converter      : Purr & Domain
 Area Author         : Timeghost & Gimlei



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