Nebulous Horizon

 Creator: Yowza
 Level Range: 200-201 (Lock: 185)
 Repop Message: Another burst of enigmatic magic clouds the distant horizon.



Intense magical energy destroys your sense of night and day as the warm glow of the sun heats your body yet no source of light exists in the sky. This is Nebulous Horizon - a former refuge for all creatures who put aside their differences and make ends meet with no regard for their former adversaries that coexist alongside them.

What draws them here, where their senses are thrown asunder with a horizon that is controlling every nuance in their heads? A familiar yet daunting blast of energy emits from a structure underneath the ground, away from the hazy horizon above. The answer surely lies below.

Sidur, the blood oracle is awaiting your rebellion from the horizon into the cube he calls home. Countless years have passed where Sidur accumulated more and more creatures to do his bidding. Do you have what it takes to survive, or have you already succumbed to his Nebulous Horizon?

             Area Level Range    : 200 to 201
             Goal Difficulty     : Medium
             Goal Recommended at : 201
             Goal Converter      : Yowza
             Area Author         : Yowza


runto horizon

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