Mudwog's Swamp

 Creator: Lumina
 Level Range: 30-40
 Repop Message: You hear a gaseous explosion and the swamp stinks anew.


The swamp is grey and murky, enveloped in an everlasting mist.
These muddy waters are the lifeblood and lifeforce of the Mudwog,
whose life is quickly running short. A brave adventurer might wade his
way into murk and filth of the swamp and quickly find himself confronted
by legions of mud-loving creatures that lurk just beneath the surface.
The Mudwog is suffering from indegestion, the result of fallacious
reasoning regarding his diet. So visit him and listen to his story to
see how you might assist this unhealthy monster.


The Mudwog's Swamp is filling up with pollution and garbage, and the
Mudwog isn't happy! Your mission, should you decide to accept
(and you have!) is to clean up the swamp and restore it to its original
less than pristine condition.

 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal Recommended at : Level 35
 Goal Converter      : Lumina


This area replaced The River Of Despair on Dec 7, 2011.


Runto Mudwog

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