Maelstrom Level 20 - 45 Built by the Aardwolf Community.


This sea used to be the home of the most exotic creatures, with water as clear as crystal and as sweet as sugar. All who lived and swam in it proclaimed a land fit for the gods, notwithstanding that it was underwater. Tritons swam among the fish, laughing and frolicking in the kelp gardens and basking on the continental shelf. Time was when peace reigned in the lovely subterranean Coral city.

Now, all that remains is a desert. Arid, dry, sandy, it bears no resemblance to the lively sea that once graced the land. Evil lurks in dark places, holding the sea, and all beings in it hostage. Somehow, somewhere, there must be a way to free the Coral Seas.

Replaced Crystalmire. Live Date Jan. 10, 2010.


      Level Range         : 20 to 45
      Goal Difficulty     : Easy
      Goal recommended at : 40
      Area Author         : Aardwolf Community
      Goal Converter      : Lumina