Kobold Siege Camp

  Level Range:  80-100
  Area Author:  Xadyen & Stutz
  Area Portal:  None

  Repop Message: The kobolds charge the castle...again.


Historians have long since believed that a great castle belonging to the Eldar once stood in the far northern reaches of Gelidus. Numerous expeditions have discovered various ruins in the areas described in crusty old books. The debate about the existence of such a castle has always revolved around how and when it was destroyed, never if it still proudly stood. Many an intelligent conversation has sprouted over a goblet of wine and cup of ale regarding the subject. No one could have foretold that one of the least intelligent races known to the world could stumble upon this ancient castle.

While losing their path on a raid, an army of kobolds discovered a vast and ancient castle. Their first, and most natural, reaction was to siege and sack this magnificent structure. Without engaging the resident Eldar regarding terms of surrender, the kobolds descended upon the castle in unreasonable numbers. With their numbers dwindling, and no signs of breaching any time soon, the General has issued an official (or as official as kobolds can get) request for assistance.


Kobold Siege Effort

While marching his army through the northlands of Mesolar, insisting he was not lost, General Tacko began losing members of his army. It started with scouts and outriders, followed closely by whole regiments. The General blamed desertion, and took steps to find and punish those who embarrassed him. Soon his entire army, save his personal guard, had gone missing. While stumbling distraught through the northern forests, he found his troops. Blind with anger, he began raging about punishments for all those deserters. Dumbfounded, one of his soldiers asked him to look around. Not only had they not deserted him, but they had been busy building a camp. Quizzically, the General asked why they had settled here, with what appeared to be a siege camp. The same soldier pointed behind him. The General followed his finger to find a splendidly ripe castle. Now, after months of attempting to breach the castle, the General Tacko's resources are dwindling. The General is a dangerously proud kobold, but he knows he needs help. Some of those adventurers who answered the call have returned talking of horrible siege management, amazing magics, and ancient Eldar. Are you up for a good siege?

             Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
             Goal Recommended at : Level 100
             Goal Converter      : Xadyen and Stutz

Note: This area has two goals that must be completed in tandem.

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