Creator: Domain
 Level Range: 1-50
 Repop Message: Kingsholm awakens to a new day.



Kingsholm is an ancient city protected by ancient and powerful magics. Ancient wizards created powerful seals which can be raised when a true champion arises in their time of need. Kingsholm has remained safe and secure for so long that the people have grown weak and lazy. Only their champion knows how to activate the seals now, as even the king has forgotten. Now the armies of Gritzkiller the Goblin and Blightspeaker the Ogre are marching upon Kingsholm. The city will never survive against such foes! The city needs a champion. Will you help them?

 Area Level Range    : 30 to 65
 Goal Difficulty     : easy
 Goal Recommended at : 55
 Goal Converter      : Domain
 Area Author         : Domain

This area replaces 'The Temple of the White Lotus'.



Runto kingsholm

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