Kingdom Of Ahner

 Creator: Zendalonii
 Level Range: 20-50
 Repop Message: Ahner shall rise and rule the realm once more. 


In times of old, ages past, the honourable Orehs and the scurrilous Dullurds strove to best each other. The struggle was an old one, with each faction in turn seizing the upper hand.

Happening across the Tricky Troll Tavern then, a weary traveler seeking to sell looted Dragon Guard armor may overhear a heated exchange between Belemer, the proprietor of the aforementioned hostelry, and Dapper Dean, a regular patron.

"Them Dullurds is good for bizness," Belemer can be heard to exclaim. "The gold they put across my bar "Rubbish!" retorts Dapper Dean, "whilst gold they may have a plenty, they are a witless crowd to a man! Far better the Orehs who at least have decency and honour about them."

"Decency and honour don`t pay the bills! Wits don`t make for good eatin' nor comfy livin'!" replies the tavern owner, running a sweaty palm across his bulging money pouch. "It's coin that makes the world go round my friend!"

At this juncture a curvaceous wench, Florencia, interrupts the pair. With a sparkle in her eye and a wry grin she chuckles "Now now lads, no need to get all heated. It's the cusomter who comes first in this tavern. Dullurd or Oreh, the customer is always right and gold is gold no matter whence it comes!"

Moving to a quiet table to await refreshments, the traveler may mull over the scene just witnessed. Quite what is occurring in this realm? Who are the two factions so obviously opposed? What are their interests and who might triumph in the battle? Clearly further investigation is required ..


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