Kiksaadi Cove

 Creator: Bottomfeeder
 Level Range: 190-200 (Lock: 150)
 Repop Message: |::::::...The cove bursts forth with new life to replace the fallen...::::::|



Nestled in the coastal forests of the north there is a cove, once peaceful and thriving with life, that now festers with an unspeakable evil. All are held in its thrall, from the local tribal people to the animal and plant life of the region. The normally reclusive tribal elders have reached out asking for help in purging their home of this malignant presence. Are you willing to face the horrors that await you in Kiksaadi Cove?

             Level Range         : 190 to 200
             Goal Difficulty     : Medium
             Goal Recommended at : Level 200
             Goal Converter      : Bottomfeeder
             Area Author         : Bottomfeeder



runto cove

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