Ketu Uplands

 Creator: Tir
 Level Range: 200-201
 Repop Message: A cold wind blows in from the mountains.



 Help the people of Ketu with the lurking danger. (Designer: Tir)

Past the scarred autumn lands lies a place in turmoil. The nomadic Ketu people have wandered the cliffs and uplands for generation, making camp where they will, never staying for long. But the blight of the autumn lands has slowly begun to seep north, and creatures of darkness have made their homes in the rocky canyons and caverns. The strongest adventurer may be able to help the plainsfolk, and put an end to the festering evil that lurks deep within the caverns below.

             Level Range         : 200 to 201
             Goal Difficulty     : Easy
             Goal recommended at : Level 200



Runto Ketu

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