Keep Of The Kobaloi

 Creator: Lumina
 Level Range: 10-80
 Repop Message: The Keepers of the Kobaloi begin a new day of Keeping the Keep!


Who are the Kobaloi? They are an odd little race that many take for unusually intelligent kobolds. However, the Kobaloi would be insulted by such an assumption. They are, rather, akin to Ratlings, and are on very friendly terms with that race.

The Kobaloi tend to be shy, and rarely leave the confines of their mountain home known as The Keep of the Kobaloi. The Kobaloi live in a fairly rigid social structure, organized into four factions. Those who tend to the Royal Family (the Keepers of the Palace); those who tend to the Kobaloi Gods (the Keepers of the Temple); those who farm the subterranean ponds within the mountain depths (the Keepers of the Ponds) and those who guard all of the above (the Keepers of the Peace).

The Kobaloi are suspicious of strangers, but will, on occasion, accept an outsider as one of their own. Perhaps, with a little effort, you might gain their trust and become an Honorary Keeper of the Kobaloi.


The Kobaloi rarely accept outsiders as one of their own. But you just may have what it takes to impress them. Of course, this will take quite a bit of effort. Prove you are capable of understanding the Kobaloi way, and you will be rewarded!

 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : Level 25
 Goal Converter      : Ariel


This area replaces The Dwarven Kingdom.


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