Jungles Of Verume

 Creator: Leaf
 Level Range: 10-40
 Repop Message: The Lizardmen Scatter About the Jungle Waiting for Ushak's Return.


There has been stories told of the Western Ocean. Ones that begin with great expectations and those that ended with "And they were never seen again."

This is not one of those stories...

This is one of adventure and discovery, with the unsure reward of promise. For those that still sail upon those waters will find that it less desolate than it was before.

Area added January 25, 2004.


 Find proof of the king to restore hope in Verume (Creator: Leaf)

In the vast Jungles of Verume you can discover many histories of the people of Ushak, a lizard civilization that has existed for many ages. Once they survived on warfare; now they strive to live a life of peace. On the other side of the island the Tabaxi, a race of humanoid cats, live a life of leisure and relaxation. They spend their days playing pranks and tormenting the lives of the children of Ushak. The day remains for proof of the King to be found and all hope restored.

             Level Range         : 10 to 40
             Goal Difficulty     : Easy
             Goal recommended at : Level 30



Runto Verume

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