Jenny's Tavern

 Creator: Kali
 Level Range: 50-100 (Lock: 24)
 Repop Message: There is a slight draft as new customers enter the tavern. 


Ah, Jenny's Tavern. A wonderful place to go, hang out, have a few too many ales, and chat with your fellow adventurers. For years, the owner of the bar has been in hiding; collecting the money the tavern has generated and hiding out on an unknown island, living the life of luxury.

That is, until now. Something has gone horribly wrong in the kitchen of the tavern, and now everybody has become violently ill. The patrons scramble to find a bathroom in the tavern, but one does not exist. They are in dire need of some help; not only to find out what caused this, but to help find a cure.

Seek Jenny at the entrance of the tavern, if you dare attempt to help the patrons, possibly putting your own health on the line.


On Sept 17 2014, the vnums for Jenny's Tavern and Yurgach Domain were cleanly separated.


Runto Jenny

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