Intrigues Of Times Past

 Creator: Akirian Lumina
 Level Range: 175-201
 Repop Message: Across a glade hoofbeats resound, pages flutter, and the past returns.



Trees, ivy, and mostly time have obscured the iron gate to a forgotten place. As the gate creaks open, and you step through it, you also take a step back in time to a period of political and religious turmoil. The old king is dead and the new one celebrates. Amongst the celebrants are those who secretly conspire against the status quo. They are the Balmtor and they won't take this turn of events lying down!

 Level Range         : 175 to 201
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : 195
 Goal Min Level      : 150
 Goal Converter      : Akirian
 Area Author         : Akirian (layout by Tassica)

Area added Nov 7, 1998. Replaces The History of Black Adder.



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