Into The Long Night

 Creator: Jubilee
 Level 100-200 (Lock 60)
 Repop Message: The darkness around you conceals a new outpouring of the minions of hell.


Chaos has overtaken the world, and many signs are seen in the sky and in the earth: The End Times are upon us! A malign spirit spreads its bloody fingers across the landscape, causing mayhem and destruction as its shadow falls upon unwary mankind.

Hell has poured itself out into the world, and its demons are collecting the souls which are ripe for cultivation ... ripe with greed, lust, anger ...

But not everyone will be taken during this long night. There are some pure and honest souls who are quietly riding out the demonic storm, taking shelter in dim rooms, protecting their souls through prayer, and reading the prophecies of The Three Days of Darkness by the light of small candles which seem to never burn out.

Eat, drink, be merry ... for tomorrow, the world ends.


South Berwick is a town that literally looks like it came from another Universe! There is a building that used to pump a flammable liquid and vehicles that are powered on that liquid. There are also buildings that are not seen anywhere else in Andolor. Not only are there scared citizens that have no idea how they got there, but the town is infested with demons!

Will you investigate what happened to this town, and rid this town of their dreadful demon problem?

            Level Range         : 100 to 200
            Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
            Goal Recommended at : Level 150
            Goal Min Level      : Level 60
            Goal Converter      : Teleron


The area was designed after a small town in southwestern Maine. Some actual villagers' names have been used, with their permission. The layout is a mishmash of what the town looks like today, and what it looked like in the late 1960's.

Story line loosely adapted from certain End Time prophecies, which may or may not ever happen. Book quotes found in various rooms were taken directly from The Three Days of Darkness(approve sites) by Albert Hebert.

Each room has hidden descriptions, and most rooms have several.

There is no goal for ITLN yet, however one is in the process of being designed at this time.

Nota bene: This area is not intended to be understood as proselytizing. It was built solely to entertain, and provide a challenging and interesting leveling area. The builder does not necessarily support any of the ideologies found in the area.

Created by Judica/Jubilee in July, 1998
With the indispensable help of her dear friend, Saraqiel
Whose hometown is represented in this zone.
Let him who has ears, hear.

(Adapted for Aardwolf by Mirara in the fall of 1999)

(Further adapted and balanced by Mirara in February 2004)


Runto Longnight

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