Hedgehogs Paradise

 Creator: Rumour
 Level range: 60 - 80
 Repop message: The hedgehogs are stealing more apples from the apple grove!


The life of a hedgehog is one of contentment; they get to sleep all day AND all night, eat their fill of the juiciest bugs, grubs and roots, and they have someone to pick up after them! There is nothing that the hedgehogs are left wanting for; this is their paradise. Kept safe from harm by magic, there are no predators inside the garden they call home and they have no desire to leave their elf-made paradise.

Their paradise is a small garden maze, made from well placed hedges, and is set in an idyllic countryside. There is a gardener to care for the plants and animals which inhabit the garden, pruning the hedges and raking up the leaves. The grass is green, the sun is shining and the birds are singing.


The gardener, an elven female of the woods, tends to the gardens that has become home to the hedgehogs. She says the hedgehogs are always stealing apples from the orchard to the east and eating, hiding or playing with them. They mess with the leaves too, taking them from her carefully raked up pile under the large tree in the centre of the garden. She needs some help to clean up and she won't mind paying for the helping hand.

 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal Recommended at : Level 70
 Goal Converter      : Rumour & Stokes



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